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About Teaching Care and its products & services:

Teaching Care provides online classes by best teachers. Online live interactive home tuition and coaching classes website portal of Teaching Care has one of the best tutors from all over India & abroad for school exams, board exams, CBSE,  JEE main, JEE advanced, NEET, NTSE, Olympiads, JEE foundation, NEET Foundation, spoken English, English, Mathematics, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics, Hindi etc. for class 4th to class 12th, to undergraduate & postgraduate levels.

You can study at comfort of your home with free trial class.

Unlike online classes on Zoom, Teaching Care live interactive classes have  two way live interactive virtual classroom with  real time audio video communication with the teacher. The classroom has online whiteboard for writing, typing, rubbing, erasing, power point presentation, showing images, pdf file, word file, YouTube video & animation video. The classroom also has provision for chatting, code writing and automatic class recording for revision.

You can ask doubts during the class and clear all doubts instantly during the class from the teacher.

You can study anytime anywhere with online classes for high school to online classes for kids, without installing online classes app, simply on your web browser on mobile, i-pad, tablet, laptop, desktop, Mac book with reasonable online tuition fee.

Teaching Care is one of the most trusted online tuition classes wherein there is no need to install online tuition classes app. Simple and easy to study.

Headquartered in New Delhi, Teaching Care provides online tuition classes in Delhi, online tuition classes in India and abroad.

 Teaching Care provides live classes in following areas of education:

  1. School Exams & Board Exam preparation for CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE & IB.
  2. Professional competitive exam preparation such as Engineering Entrance Exam JEE main & JEE advanced ; Medical Entrance Exam NEET Preparation
  3. NTSE, Olympiads & Foundation
  4. Skill development like spoken English
  5. Banking & SSC

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  1. To Offline Coaching Centers & coaching institutes (by providing online live classes by quality teachers of Teaching Care)
  2. To Schools especially those in tier 2 and tier 3 cities.(For JEE, NEET, NTSE, Olympiad & Foundation Courses)
  3. To Entrepreneurs
  4. To Government organizations (to make skill oriented quality education accessible in remote areas. For Example, Teaching Care in collaboration with Indian Army & Ministry of Defence has been providing online live coaching classes to students of Jammu & Kashmir when schools get shut due to heavy snowfall or due to security related issues.
  5. To NGOs : for educating children in remote areas & economically weaker sections in collaboration with Teaching Care Online Live Classes.

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Problems faced by students in offline tuition & coaching :

  1. Limited availability of quality teachers for offline home tuition:                                            A limited number of teachers available in a given locality, area or city can’t be  accessible to all the students for offline home tuition at student’s place.  Lack of teacher training to educationally qualified potential teachers & lack of experienced teachers in a given locality, area further compounds the problem.
  1. Limited availability of different teachers for each subject under one roof & for all classes
  2. Limited availability of quality tuition centres for offline tuition.
  3. Uncertainty about credibility of available offline teachers or tuition centres
  4. High demand but poor supply of quality teachers makes offline home tuition more expensive.
  5. Travel time consumed & travel cost incurred during commuting by student or teacher for offline learning or tutoring further increases tuition charges for the student & makes it less economical for the teacher.
  6. Wastage of significant amount of time in tiring traffic in metro cities is a problem both for the tutor as well as for the student.
  7. Air Pollution in Cities discourages parents, students & teachers for commuting.
  8. Safety & security of student especially the safety of girl child is an issue of most concern for the parent during offline tuition process at home or at offline tuition centre.
  9. Lack of individual attention in offline tuition centre classes.
  10. Ease & Convenience in offline home tuition is lesser than online tuition.

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 Why Online Tuition at Teaching Care is better than offline tuition:

  1. EASE, CONVENIENCE & ACCESSIBILITY to a big pool of duly screened, properly tested, thoroughly trained, experienced & quality teachers from across India & abroad
  2. BETTER QUALITY TEACHERS are made available at LOW RATES as compared to offline tuition as the teacher doesn’t have to waste time & money in commuting to student’s home or to tuition center.
  3. MORE ECONOMICAL & AFFORDABLE for the student as it saves precious time & money that is wasted in commuting and provides better quality teachers at relatively low rates vis a vis offline tuition.
  4. MORE FLEXIBILITY in commencement of course schedule, time schedule, class schedule & class duration.
  5. FULL INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION in 1 to 1 class or one to few short group class. The teacher provides personalized attention to student based on student’s learning level, learning pace & learning requirements.
  6. DEMOCRATISED ACESS TO PERSONALISED LEARNING beyond geographical barriers.
  7. SPECIALISED TEACHER for each subject under one roof & for all classes.
  11. BETTER PRESENTATION & LECTURE DELIVERY: Teaching Care live classes have two way live interactive classroom with  real time audio video communication with the teacher. The classroom has online whiteboard for writing, typing, rubbing, erasing, power point presentation, showing images, pdf file, word file, youtube video & animation video. The classroom also has provision for chatting, code writing and automatic class recording for revision.

You can ask doubts during the class and clear all doubts instantly during the class from the teacher.

Summary of advantages of online classes, online tuition classes and online coaching classes at Teaching Care:

Ease & Convenience


Lower Pricing/Affordability

Better Quality of Teachers


Individual Attention

Personalized learning based on student’s learning level, learning pace and learning requirements.

Better Presentation & Lecture Delivery

Automatic class recording

Travel time and cost saved.

No tiring traffic congestion

Variety in Courses

All subjects under one roof

Safety & Security.

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Selection Method for teachers at Teaching Care:

Online live tuition & coaching classes are delivered via TeachingCare.com portal  by its big pool of high quality trained teachers.

The teachers  are screened, trained and  interviewed during teacher selection process online before making the teacher live on the website.

Only good quality teachers with strong educational background & or minimum two years of teaching experience are sorted out before training & interview.

The fresher with strong educational background are also given rigorous training about art of teaching, virtual classroom tools, lecture planning, content planning, lecture delivery, lecture presentation, communication, fluency, accent, reaching out to level of student & student learning needs, maintaining interaction with the student in the classroom,  lecture speed, efficiency and teacher specific tips & feedback to teacher during demo lecture.

Only those who fulfil the selection criteria are selected to deliver live classes to the students.

Uniqueness & Innovation in Teaching Care Online Live Tuition & Coaching:

1.BETTER PRESENTATION & LECTURE DELIVERY:  Teaching Care live classes have  two way live interactive classroom with  real time audio video communication with the teacher. The classroom has online whiteboard for writing, typing, rubbing, erasing, power point presentation, showing images, pdf file, word file, youtube video & animation video. The classroom also has provision for chatting, code writing and automatic class recording for revision.

You can ask doubts during the class and clear all doubts instantly during the class from the teacher.

  1. DECENTRALISED SYSTEM OF TEACHERS: Unlike V-Sat enabled classes wherein a physical studio set up is required & the teachers take classes from that studio, Teaching Care’s technology is much advanced. Teaching Care makes use of Web-RTC technology that works on all the browsers with real time audio video communication wherein the teachers & students are taking classes from anywhere in the world at comfort of their home and at their own convenient time.
  2. DECENTRALIZED SYSTEM OF NON-TEACHING STAFF & COST CUTTING ON UNPRODUCTIVE EXPENSES: The company has automated its operations to such a high extent that even the non-teaching support staff can efficiently deliver their services from anywhere in the world with full monitoring & control systems in place on behalf of the company resulting in reduced cost of operations; and improved employee productivity & efficiency which in turn results in lesser cost for the student.
  3. Cutting edge latest technology ENABLED OPERATIONS with high level of automation & minimum manual activity in most of the operations ranging from payment collection to class conduction has resulted in further cost cutting in order to make classes more economical to students & teachers.
  4. NO COMPROMISE ON QUALITY OF TUTORING to any extent resulting in 100 percent student satisfaction.
  5. IN ORDER TO MAINTAIN QUALITY OF TUTORING AND ACDEMIC STANDARDS, THERE IS NO SUBSIDISATION to students or teachers unlike other online tutoring companies who always have an inherent risk of unsustainability in the pursuit of increasing customer base by burning cash in subsidy.
  6. RICH EXPERIENCE OF FOUNDERS IN TEACHING & COACHING : Doctor R SINGH-Founder DIRECTOR has Rich experience in Tutoring in coaching industry & top schools of Delhi. He is Alumnus of Jawaharlal Nehru University JNU, New Delhi. Rich experience in Teacher Training, TEACHER Monitoring and Management. Doctor Singh is also managing other educational enterprises like e-Learning startup studyinnovations.com from 2009 for providing quality study materials, Question bank, test series etc for JEE, NEET, CBSE, & foundation

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How to make money by online tutoring at online tuition classes, online tuition app etc:

Online tutoring in India has opened new ways of making money smartly for Indian Teachers.  Indian teachers are now able to teach a huge market of students from all over India and abroad.

With internet penetration in almost whole of India via broadband  & mobile data has made online tutoring a lucrative business for teachers in India.

A new generation of technology empowered teachers is getting ready out of young graduates and post graduates from all streams ranging from languages, engineering, medical, commerce, arts, humanities, computer science & technology. Even educationally qualified housewives are getting extra income generated via part time online tutoring. The regular full time teachers from government schools, private schools & coaching centers are earning extra money by part time online tutoring. Many of the full time teachers from offline coaching institutes have switched over to full time online tutoring given the ease, convenience & money making opportunity in online live tuition and online live coaching.

Requirements for online tutoring:

  1. Knowledge of Online Classroom tools:

The first requirement for online tutoring is to know about the online classroom; and tools of online classroom. An online classroom is a two way live interactive classroom with  real time audio video communication between the student and teacher. The classroom has online whiteboard for writing, typing, rubbing, erasing, power point presentation, showing images, PDF file, word file, YouTube video & animation video. The classroom also has provision for chatting, code writing and automatic class recording for revision.

Students can ask doubts during the class and clear all doubts instantly during the class from the teacher.

An hour or two hours of practice of online classroom tools makes you ready for online tutoring.

  1. Presentation :

Teaching is an art. Knowledge is not the only requirement in teaching profession. Some teachers with average knowledge can do wonders in class while others with excellent knowledge  get poor feedback from students in the absence of proper presentation and proper delivery of knowledge.

Hence, those who do not have teaching experience should get training  from  some professional tutoring  company or coaching institute or at least get a personalized demo feedback on any topic from expert of professional tutoring organization or coaching institute.

The expert gives you personal feedback about your demo lecture regarding your lecture plan, content planning, knowledge, lecture delivery, presentation, communication skills, interaction, fluency, accent, self -confidence, nervousness, time management,and lecture speed.

It’s better to take such training or feedback from professional online tutoring companies as they will also train you about tools of online virtual classroom and will also provide you free class links to practice tools of online classroom.

TEACHINGCARE.COM – ONLINE TUITION, ONLINE LIVE HOME TUITION, ONLINE TUTORS, COACHING & TUTORIALS for English, Mathematics, Science, Physics, Chemistry Biology, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics for CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB, STATE BOARDS, NTSE, OLYMPIADS, JEE main, JEE advanced, NEET by QUALITY TEACHERS. TWO WAY INTERACTIVE CLASSES WITH ONLINE WHITEBOARD. ASK DOUBTS DURING CLASS. FOR FREE TRIAL CLASS, Sign Up now at TeachingCare.com or call 9811000616, 9821126195 or email us at hr@teachingcare.com

Recognition of Teaching Care by Startup India
Teaching Care Recognition in online tuition, education, innovation & employment generation


  • HIGHLY EXPERIENCED BRANDED TEACHERS: The Online Live Tuition & Coaching Classes at Teaching Care are taught by personalized tuition teachers who are highly experienced & TRAINED TUTORS. All the teachers are from Top Coaching Institutes of India as well as from the best schools from all over India. Most of the Live Tuition Teachers also have Home Tuition experience. All the tuition tutors at Teaching Care Online Live Classes have HIGH EXPOSURE. Many of the tutors on Teaching Care live Classes portal also run their offline tuition centers.
  • STRONG EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND OF TEACHERS: The online tutoring teachers at Teaching Care Live Classes portal have educational qualifications from premier institutes of the country like IITs, NITs, AIIMS, KVs, J.N.U., D.U. etc.
  • VERY HIGH-QUALITY TEACHERS AT LOW RATES: The tuition fee charged by tuition teachers at Teaching Care’s online Live Coaching portal is merely one-third of the prices charged by these teachers in offline home tuition.
  • BETTER PRESENTATION & BETTER LECTURE DELIVERY IN ONLINE LIVE CLASSES: Audio Videos presentations, powerpoint presentations, Images, PDFs, Animations and Youtube videos via virtual whiteboard make the live classes an easy to understand online tuition experience far better than the offline home tuition.
  • 1 to 1 LIVE CLASSES WITH PERSONALISED TUITION TEACHER: With only one student in the class, 1 to 1 Live Classes with Private Tuition Teachers make it a personalized learning experience for the student with full individual attention by the tutor uniquely tailor-made based on student’s unique learning needs and pace of learning in the class.
  • COMFORT & SAFETY: Best Teachers are available at unbelievably low costs for online live tuition classes at the comfort of your home, students don’t have to go to Delhi or Kota. The Online Tuition Classes with 1 to 1 Live Tutor save student’s time, money, transportation costs, lodging & food costs. Secondly, the homesickness, safety & security issues are also addressed by online classes, especially for girl students.
  • TUITION FOR ALL SUBJECTS UNDER ONE ROOF FOR ALL CLASSES & ALL BOARDS: The online live classes portal of Teaching Care provides Tuition Teachers for CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB & State Boards for class 4th to class 12th. You get TUITION, TUITION TEACHERS, TUTORS, COACHING & TUTORIALS for ENGLISH, MATHEMATICS, SCIENCE, PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, BIOLOGY, ACCOUNTANCY, BUSINESS STUDIES & ECONOMICS. ONLINE TUITION, ONLINE TUTORS, ONLINE HOME TUITION and LIVE CLASSES for JEE main, JEE advanced, NEET, Foundation, NTSE, Olympiads, assignment solving, Aptitude, Reasoning, Spoken English, IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, CAT & SAT are provided by Teaching Care by best faculties.
  • EASY ACCESS TO RENOWNED FACULTIES: Any renowned expert from any part of the country teaches students at unbelievable low costs.
  • ANYTIME ANYWHERE LEARNING: You can get the teachers for live tutoring Anytime, Anywhere for live classes based on your availability for online learning. Teaching Care staff co-ordinates with you and your online tutor regarding fixing the weekly class schedules. The teachers and students mutually discuss & finalize their weekly class schedules. In this way, the teachers and students conveniently carry out the process of e-learning via live classes at Teaching Care’s Online Tutoring Live Classes platform.
  • TRAVELING TIME SAVED: Another advantage of studying with teachers on Teaching Care’s online classes portal is that you don’t have to waste your precious time in unnecessary traveling for coaching classes & tuition centers. The time saved by not commuting to coaching classes & tuition centers can be utilized for your studies or play.
  • NO MORE STUCKING IN TRAFFIC CONGESTION: Your studies with teachers via online tuition classes keep you away from tiring traffic, traffic snarls and polluted outdoors. Avoiding outdoor pollution on account of online tuition classes also contributes to long term health benefits.
  • ENERGY & FUEL SAVED: Commuting to coaching classes & tuition centers for tuition teachers or tuition classes wastes your energy as well as vehicle fuel. Online Tuition classes or online coaching via Teaching Care’s Live Classes platform saves you from unnecessary wastage of fuel. In some ways, you are contributing to saving the environment by saving energy & fuel on account of online learning via Live Classes.
  • MONITORING OF LIVE CLASSES BY PARENTS FOR BETTER FEEDBACK: Parents can monitor their child’s Online Live Tuition Classes, Online Live TUITION TEACHERS & LIVE COACHING Tutorials at the comfort of their home during the class as well as after the class from class recording.
  • DEDICATED SUPPORT TEAM: Dedicated Support Team: There is 24×7 dedicated support staff for any assistance to students, parents, & teachers during the Live Class as well as after the live class is over.
  • FREE TRIAL CLASS: Teaching Care provides a free online live class with a private tuition teacher so that the student can understand the importance of Online Live Classes, Online Home Tuition, Online Coaching & Tutorials for smart learning.
  • BETTER RESULTS: Individual attention by private tuition tutor, only one student in Live Class, Best Quality Tuition Teacher, right teaching methodology by online Live tutoring teacher, comfort & convenience of online home tuition and flexibility in online live classes schedule bring better results and success for Teaching Care’s students.

Get Best Teacher for Online Tuition on Teaching Care’s Online Live Tuition Classes website for 1 to 1 Live Tuition and Live coaching by private tuition teachers right at the comfort of your home just like private home tuition by a private home tutor.

Teaching Care LIVE Online Tuition Classes are a superb personalized tutoring platform for you, while you are staying at your home. Teaching Care Online Live Tuition Classes portal has grown to be the best Online Tuition Website in India with immensely talented Master Tuition Teachers, from the most reputed institutions & coaching institutes of the country as well as tutors from abroad.

The online live tuition classes services provided by Teaching Care are year-long structured coaching classes for CBSE, IGCSE, IB and ICSE Board as well as for JEE and NEET entrance exam preparation at affordable tuition fees, with an exclusive session for clearing doubts, ensuring that neither you nor the topics remain unattended.

The Online Live Tuition platform at Teaching Care encourages your Online engagement with the best quality Master Tuition Teachers. Revision notes, study notes, study materials, worksheets, questions, tests, and formula sheets are shared with you, for grasping the toughest concepts. Assignments, Regular Home Works, Subjective Tests & Objective Tests promote your regular practice of the topics. The academic progress report is shared during the Parents Teachers Meeting. The live class tuition Sessions get recorded for you to access for quick revision later, just by a quick login into your account. The interactive approach during the live class establishes a well-deserved academic connect between you and Master Tuition Teachers. Teaching Care is the first choice of students aspiring to score full marks in their CBSE, IGCSE, IB and ICSE Board or to crack any competitive exam like IIT JEE (Mains & Advanced), Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY), National Talent Search Exam (NTSE), International Math Olympiad (IMO), International English Olympiad (IEO), Math tuition, Science tuition, Maths tuition teacher, Science tuition teacher. Hours and Hours of Study with no fun, is a bad idea for you, foreseeing the long run. To ensure that motivation is stirred in the best proportion for your clear understanding, a good number of online quizzes and Objective tests are organized to impart knowledge and reward the best performers. Online Live Classes Master Teachers cater to teaching Science, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics, Commerce for 6th to 12th grades across CBSE, IGCSE, IB and ICSE Board. To promote talent and potential, the Prices for Online Live Master Coaching Classes are very affordable. FREE Sample Papers and Important questions are extracted, solved and discussed during the live tuition classes, ensuring that you are 100% prepared before any exam. CBSE, IGCSE, IB and ICSE Board Classes rank as the best LIVE and Online Tutoring Website in the top ten cities of India- Delhi, Mumbai, Patna, Kolkata, Pune, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Jaipur. In Gulf Countries and Singapore, Teaching Care is among the most recommended educational websites for an online home tutor at the very lowest tuition fees. Teaching Care knows the value of your time and strives hard to deliver the best and invest in it with precision. PDFs, video, animations, images and power points of exhaustive subject material for the preparation of the target exams like JEE Main, NEET, KVPY, NTSE, Olympiads, CBSE & ICSE Board exams & School exams, are used during live class lectures to you during live online tuition sessions at Teaching Care. Teaching Care LIVE Online Master Classes is cemented by rigorous hard work of Master Tuition Teachers, complemented by the best study material during live classes along with FREE Books, Free Solutions of NCERT, RD Sharma, RS Agarwal, and HC Verma. Free video lectures, free study material, free study notes, Free e-books, etc are also given on Teaching Care’s Live Tutoring website.

Teaching Care provides its educational services for Online Tuition, Live Classes & Tuition Teachers under the following categories & subcategories: Math tuition, science tuition, math tuition teacher, science tuition teacher. Math tutor, science tutor, maths tuition tutor, science tuition tutor, math classes, science classes, math tuition classes, science tuition classes. Math coaching, science coaching, math tuition center, science tuition center, tuition classes, tuition teacher, tuition tutors, coaching classes, maths coaching classes, science coaching classes coaching centers, math coaching centers, science coaching centers. Home tuition, math home tuition, science home tuition, home tutors, home teachers, home tuition providers, maths tuition providers, science tuition providers. Online tuition, math online tuition, science online tuition, online tutors, math online tutors, science online tutors, online teachers, math online teachers, science online teachers. Online coaching, online math coaching, online science coaching, online tuition, online maths tuition, online science tuition, online coaching classes, online math coaching classes, online science coaching classes. Online classes, online math classes, online science classes. Online tuition teachers, online math tuition teachers, online science tuition teachers. Class 10 tuition teachers, CBSE class 10 tuition, CBSE class 10 tuition teachers, class 10 coaching classes, CBSE class 10 coaching classes, class 10 tuition, CBSE class 10 tuition, class 10 maths tuition, class 10 science tuition, CBSE class 10 maths tuition, CBSE class 10 science tuition. Online Live Tuition: 4th to 12th class for English, Mathematics, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. English, Spoken English, Free English, Free Spoken English, Free General English, English Classes, Spoken English Classes, English Classes , Spoken English Classes, Spoken English guru, spoken English video, spoken English lecture, Online English, Online Spoken English, Online Free English, Online Free Spoken English, Online Spoken English Classes, Teaching Care, Spoken English by Teaching Care, Spoken English Classes by Teaching Care, English for Job Interview.

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Know whether your Tutor needs to go back to school before he can teach your child & why you can’t compromise on quality of your Tutor:

1 teachingcare

It is very important for the students & parents to understand & focus on the  quality of the teacher in education rather than on price. Some parents tell us that the offline home tutor that comes to their home charges them very less. Likewise many parents tell us that the offline coaching centre in their locality charges them very less.  Before, I explain in detail, let’s have few  simple facts.

  1. As per Government of India, 80% engineers in India are unemployable. As per government, they do not have basic minimum skills to get a job. In layman’s language, they are useless.
  2. A person who completes his education from IITs or NITs very easily & quickly gets job placement at a very handsome package of lakhs of Rupees. On the other hand, a person who completes his education from local regional colleges, or local private institutions or local universities remain unemployed for long & struggle too hard to get a job at a very low package which is sometimes no better than income of an illiterate.

Same is the case with teachers in India. As per Government of India,” the quality of teachers in India is very poor. The teachers need to learn first; the teachers need to be trained first; and the teachers need to be taught first before then can teach our students”.

Though it’s a very painful scenario for the future of our kids but this is the ground reality.

Some teachers get a package of Rs. 48 lakhs per annum, while others get Rs. 30,000 per month.

Why is its so?

It  is because of the quality.

Given below are some minute realities that operate in the existing coaching & tutoring industry in India about which parents & students  are rarely aware of and the parents & students end up hiring a poor quality teacher on account of lack of such awareness

  1. The Good teachers who are already teaching in a Big Company or in a big national brand coaching at a good salary package neither have enough time nor they come to your home to teach your child. As going to your home, the teacher requires extra two hours of travel time, extra travelling cost & gets exhausted. Nor such a teacher will teach your child at his own house as the teacher requires rest, privacy & family time after daylong teaching in his job. But such teachers teach online to have extra income at comfort of their home. Teaching online maintains theirs comfort, privacy, safety & family time. Even from Economics point of view, for example,  when a teacher gets Rs. 500/hr online, why would he come to your home to teach in Rs. 500 or less ? Such teachers teach foreign students online  at prices ranging from USD 15 to 30 per hour ( INR 1000 to 2000 per hour). Probability of such tutors  to come to your home for offline tutoring remains almost negligible as Indian Parents either do not have high paying capacity or many of them are not bothered much about the quality of tutor. Teaching Care  makes available such good quality teachers to Indian students at very high discounts to further gain control of the Indian online education market & to further make their brand the most popular. It’s just like online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. which initially gave huge discounts to popularize the concept of online shopping  in India. A huge no. of Indian Parents & students are taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity that has knocked at India. Teaching Care has also its own pool of very good quality teachers to teach Indian students online.
  2. Do you have any reliable way to make sure that the offline home Tutor who comes to your home to teach your child has good educational background, good exposure, good training, good knowledge, sufficient teaching experience and  teaches at a level  & in a way in which the child should be taught ?

Teaching Care ensures that you get a teacher who has good educational background, good exposure, good training, good knowledge, sufficient teaching experience and  teaches at a level  & in a way in which the child should be taught.  Teaching Care ensures this because here the company’s image & reputation remains involved.

  1. Even if your home tutors are being sent by a company, did you ever tried to know whether the owners of the company are real estate agents or businessmen who have nothing to do with teaching but are merely concerned for making huge profits by hooks or crooks easily & quickly by adopting marketing tactic to capture parent’s attention by reinforcing misleading advertisement campaign in newspapers, radio, TV, media etc. It is surprising to see that some companies in India are making available at their website not only teachers but also plumbers, drivers, home cleaners, home massagers, car cleaners, mechanic, shoe repairer, TV repairer etc. The list is exhaustive. Even if you are a 10th pass person & you register there as a teacher, they will start sending you to people’s home for offline tutoring or for online tutoring. You can imagine the quality of teachers from such sites.

Remember, all that glitters is not gold. A person who has never been a teacher, how can he understand the intricacies & minuteness of teaching profession which is a very delicate mix of art & science. How can such a person control, monitor & direct the teachers to deliver their best  to the student.

Founders of Teaching Care have years of teaching experience in country’s quality educational institutions and ensure that your child gets the best during the class.

  1. Do you have any reliable way to make sure that the teachers who are teaching your child offline in your area in a local tuition center have good educational background, good exposure, good training, good knowledge & sufficient teaching experience ?  Again, who are the owners of the tuition centre, whether they have been  teachers or simply they are anybody trying to create a business for profits.

Tutors who  have good educational background, good exposure, good training, good knowledge  & sufficient teaching experience teach in big brand coaching; they do not teach in local tuition centers in streets or local coaching in your area, though, exceptions are always there but rare.

  1. Be cautious of a teachers who claim that he/she will teach all subjects to your child or he/she can teach both Math & Science or all the three English, Math & Science. Most of such teachers are jack of all but master of none unless they are extraordinarily genius which is rare. Your child needs subject experts who are specialized & experienced for teaching a particular subject.
  2. In India, the group class system of ”One Size Fits” all has seriously degraded the quality of education. Each child is unique. Each child has a different learning need, learning level , learning pace & learning style as each child is born with a unique genetic composition; has different intelligence levels; & has a unique environmental exposure including parental educational background, parental  socio-economic status, peer group etc. All these variables do require that the child should be taught on one to one basis based on his individual learning needs, learning level & learning pace even if costs more so that he emerges a successful & contributing member of the society.

In group class system, because of limited time, neither the teacher has time to give full individual attention to each & every child in the class nor each & every child finds it easy to clarify each & every doubt during the class. Many students even hesitate to ask doubts in front of others because either they shy away or they feel other students will make a mockery for not knowing/understanding a small thing/topic/concept.

Teaching care 3                     The teacher can’t give full individual attention & personalized care to each & every child because of the limited time in group class.

  1. Finally, crux of all discussion is that never compromise with the quality of teacher even if costs more because it will not only waste your child’s time & money but also his basic fundamental concepts do not get clarified or wrongly clarified or the fundamentals get weak leading to his future to be jeopardized.

Teaching care 4                 Poor quality teachers make your child confused & stressed. Always go for good quality teachers.

Get your concepts clear & basic fundamentals strong to succeed ahead in life.

Study Smart at TeachingCare.com

Some of Teaching Care’s Highly Satisfied Students & Schools

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