सैनिकों का खून नहीं बहने देंगे, चीन फंडेड कम्पनिओ से नहीं पढ़ेंगे.

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Boycott China Funded Top 10 Education Companies in India. Funded by Alibaba and Tencent of China, these companies are draining huge amount of Indian money from India to China. From video lectures to online classes, China is earning enormously via such China funded edtech companies. There so many Indian Companies which are much better alternatives to these Chinese controlled companies.

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Immediate response to China’s attack on India : Boycotting Chinese products and adopting Swadeshi

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Indian Army needs help of its citizens. Citizens must immediately start boycotting Chinese goods and start adopting swadeshi. China earns billions of dollars from India to attack India on all sides. In north India from Laddakh to Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. In south, in Indian ocean. China provoked Nepal. China Made highway in POK. Its all about to attack India from all sides. If we do not start immediately boycotting Chinese products, Chinese army will keep on attacking India and India soldiers. Just Like Akshai Chin, China will also encroach Laddakh, if citizens of India do not immediately boycott Chinese products and start adopting swadeshi. Jai Hind.

How Chinese Rule Indian Startups And Control Our Economy

When it comes to technology start-ups, Indian firms have the Chinese as their godfather.

China, the ultimate ruler of technology has our nation literally in its hands. it may seem practically impossible right now but the reality is that the Chinese own major part of the Indian start-ups.

Since the onset of the virus, there has been a major change in the Indian education sector. Students have shifted to online education and apps like Byjus are a total hit right now. But the biggest factor here is that byjus has a major role of the investors from outside India. For example, China’s Tencent Holdings Ltd has a significant holding value in Byju’s online education application which is being used by majority of the students right now.

Not only Byju’s, many other education start ups in India also have high level of Chinese investment including from Chinese Tencent. Some examples in this segment are Vedantu, Unacademy, Toppr etc.

Some major Indian Start-ups and their Chinese Investors are summarised in the picture below.

There are two major players who are running the Indian start-up scenario. One is Alibaba and the other one is Tencent.

The major reason for all these investments is that the Chinese follow the model of- plus one. This model basically means that shifting or expanding operations out of China to benefit from cheaper labour, new markets, and less domestic vulnerability.

There have been a few issues associated with this. Data leakage is a major issue with comes with the investments that the Chinese make in the Indian companies. In 2016, questions were raised on Paytm about the data security of the users to which the spokesperson said that Alibaba has a stake in Paytm but it is originally an Indian entity only. Even if there have been privacy issues and data breach issues, there have been times when the companies have stepped forward and have told that the data isn’t shared. But the fact is that we are so spellbound and tech-savvy, all our data is actually with someone. From the most sensitive information to the most useless one. We are all under someone. And guess what? It would have been better if we were under our own domestic people. But the reality is that there are extremely less fully-owned domestic firms.

All these investments come with a positive and a negative. But one thing is for sure, we aren’t India anymore, we are ultimately under someone who is running everything in our country.

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China earns from India for anti-India operations : Swadeshi is hope to stop the dragon

The Chinese, by way of their investment in Indian firms, selling their products & services to Indians and hence make huge money that is utilized by China in Anti- India operations like building ChinaPakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in Pak occupied Kashmir (PoK) despite protests by Indian government.

On 14 May 2020, China state owned company has signed Rs. 442 billion contract  with a joint venture formed by China power and the Frontier works organisation (FWO), a commercial arm of Pakistan Millitary for constructing Diamer- Bhasha dam in Gilgit-Baltistan.  Gilgit-Baltistan is part of erstwhile state of Jammu & Kashmir that is illegally occupied by Pakistan.

The 2017 China India border standoff or Doklam standoff  and May 2020  face-off between Chinese soldiers and Indian Military near Naku La Pass in the Sikkim sector of the China-India border are matters of serious concern for India as its threatens India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Illegal excursion by Chinese Navy ships in Indian ocean and south China Sea

Tactful territorial capturing of India on all sides by China by entrapping Nepal, Pakistan, Maldives, Srilanka by way of building highways, waterways, dams, ports  and other infrastructural projects in such neighboring countries is a matter of serious concern for Indian government.

Spreading serious epidemics in the world ranging from Flu virus to SARS virus to corona virus to the world are unforgettable wounds China has given to the world.

Mahatma Gandhi addressing Swadeshi Movement rally 1905 against British that broke backbone of British economic exploitation .

Swadeshi in Education : Making India Vishwa Guru

India is known worldwide for quality of its teachers. Many global educational brands and international online classes platforms have been making millions of dollars by making use of Indian teachers from past two to three decades,

Indian teachers are not only theoretically very sound but also become easily available at very low prices for online classes to teach international students especially students in USA, UAE, other Gulf countries, Australia, Singapore and so on.

Now, its time to stop draining out talent of Indian teachers in the hands of foreign MNCs that make unusually huge profits at cost of Indian teachers.

In last 10 years, to further capitalize and exploit talent of Indian teachers and Indian resources, many foreigners mostly Chinese nationals and foreign MNCS have made huge amount of investment in Indian educational companies.

Most of such Indian companies (which have become well known brands in India) are now being owned by foreigners by buying out majority stake in such brands. The Indian founders of such companies, having left with a minority shareholding, are merely doing a kind of second hand job under foreign bosses.

Sooner or later Indian founders are forced to resign from the company or are kicked out forcefully by majority stakeholders who are foreign investors.

Well known example is Flipkart. Filipkart founders were kicked out and or bought out by U.S. e-commerce giant Wall-Mart. Now Flipkart is Wallmart.

Many other Indian start ups have faced the same fate.

Recently, co-founder of Swiggy has resigned from swiggy.

Hence, Indian people should start using products and services provided by Swadeshi brands or Swadeshi companies.

Using Swadeshi products and services, not only supports Indian brands to become global brands but also keeps Indian money in India, keeps economy robust and generates employment & livelihood opportunity for Indians not only in current time but also for generations to come.

Self-Dependent India Movement: Recently declared by Prime Minister of India, Narendar Modi, also envisages for :

-local to make vocal

-use Swadeshi branch

-avoid using foreign brands, Chinese Brands.

Teaching Care : Swadeshi Brand in Education

-100% Swadeshi brand with best quality Indian Teachers

-100%  local brand of India

-100% local ownership by Indian Citizens

-No Chinese investment

-No foreign investment

-100%  local technology

-No use of zoom online class technology that is owned by Chinese origin person

-Use Local

-Be proud on local

-Become vocal for local

-To make India self-dependent

-To make Indian teachers self-dependent

-Contribute to India’s economic development

-Say bye bye to foreign funded, Chinese funded big brands in education

-Prevent draining out Indian money to foreigners and Chinese by not studying at Chinese funded educational brands.

Jai Hind

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